Nourish Me - 21 Days Of Self Discovery & Healing. Audio Book & Program
Nourish Me - 21 Days Of Self Discovery & Healing. Audio Book & Program

Nourish Me - 21 Days Of Self Discovery & Healing. Audio Book & Program

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The Nourish Me program is a 21 day interactive audio book, it is private and it is just for you.


You will learn how to cope with every day stresses, how to communicate from a place of love, how to set goals and then action plans to achieve those goals.

This program is about digging deeper, finding your true self among the labels and understanding your wants and needs, developing your WHY, creating your best self and ultimately SELF ACCEPTANCE.

I will give you the tools, teaching and strategies to succeed. – So that you can rediscover your wants and needs, so you can grow as you move forward and heal your emotional well being.


You will also be able to have lifetime access to our exclusive FB group! So we can stay connected, support and empower each other!




This program will cover such things as

  • Recognizing bad habits and then learning how to change them into positive ones
  • Finding and then understanding your true self at your very core
  • Finding and developing your “WHY”
  • How to practice self care and gratitude
  • Understanding self talk and how to practice positive self talk, self love and care
  • Goal setting and action plans
  • Different meditation styles and breathing techniques and when to use them
  • Mindfulness and emotional well being
  • Healthy mind, healthy body
  • How to dig deeper, heal and let go of past hurt
  • How to set boundaries and protect your “inner circle”
  • When to say YES and how to say NO
  • How to give those around you power and value – and when not too!
  • Communication within yourself , friendships and close relationships
  • Understanding the differences between men and women and how they communicate (and ways to stay connected and open)
  • How to communicate effectively, with always coming from a place of love
  • How to create a haven and space clearing – physically and emotionally
  • Find different ways to process your thoughts and keep a healthy mindset
  • Creating a balance that works for you

You will need a journal / note book, a pen and commitment! I won’t lie, you may find some of this program emotionally hard and it will take commitment, but – if you’re ready to find who YOU really are, if you’re ready to meet your true self and let go of your labels, if you’re ready to accept yourself as you are today – it will be the most rewarding self journey you will ever take.