Create Your Wellness Party


Life is about creating YOUR own path.
Live your life with intention and purpose - mind, body, and soul. 
Want to know more?
When you book a Wellness Party your consultant will bring our beautiful range of organic goodies to your home and talk about how you can can implement positive change into your life.
No party is the same! We have three topics to choose from which will set the theme of the party.
You do it your way!


Creating a balance that works for you, focusing on different types of rest and meditation, learning how to process your emotions and ways to rid negative feelings and how we can cope with everyday stress.
Mindful Eating
What that is and what that means to you. Learn about how different food feels for you while sharing some healthy alternatives and recipes!
How to rid the home of harmful toxins so you and your family can live safer, healthier and be more environmentally friendly. Sharing alternative cleaning recipes and why it is so important these days to take control of your home and what is going on your skin and into your body day to day.


Choose the theme connects with you the most, and from there your Wellness Consultant will guide you into positive change and different perspectives while you and your friends are able to privately browse our exclusive range (not available in shops).
Please note: this is not a MLM party. This is about connection, learning skills and being open to a different way of thinking that could really change your perception for the better.
Currently we have Consultants in South Canterbury, North Otago & Christchurch If you would like to book a party or are looking for more information on how to become a Wellness Consultant, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you!