03. Multi Purpose Spray
03. Multi Purpose Spray

03. Multi Purpose Spray

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 NOTE: Due to CEN shutting down and running low on stock this product has a slight changed.

Instead of Sweet Orange essential oil as stated on label, it will be replaced with Bergamot essential oil. You will still get to enjoy the top note of a fresh clean citrus scent with compromise on cleaning power! - This is reflected in price.

Clean your home without harsh chemicals, be Eco friendly, have a safe environment for your families health and reduce your chemical load! Nothing beats our Multi Purpose Spray! It’s fresh peppermint scent along with mild undertones of Sweet Orange, Lemon and Eucalyptus is prefect for anywhere around the home. Kitchen, bathroom, floors, even highchairs! You no longer have to worry about leaving a chemical residue from cleaning products around your pets and children.

With a 500ml Glass jar you can’t go wrong. Leave your home fresh, clean and sparkling!

C.E.N offers a recycling program to help you and I to reduce our waste where possible. Collect 5 glass products, then email us at hello@createeatnourish.com & you will be on the way to receiving your FREE product!