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Being a first time mum is hard. You’re constantly trying to find your feet and a balance in life while maintaining your own identity, keeping your shit together and trying to get through each day on little to no sleep while coffee and daytime TV become your new addiction, and if you feel up to it baby groups….

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Autism. What is it?

Autism. We have all heard about it and most of us most likely know someone with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)   But what is it? What does it look like? Who does is effect? And why are so hung up on having the “label”

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Grief & Loss

My life story has been intensely shaped by the death of my mother, 10 days after my 16th birthday. The anniversary of her death this year will mean I have now spent more years living without her than I ever had with her. When a loved one dies, typically grief is viewed as something to work though. Something you will, eventually, get over. This is bullshit.

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